Dutch Glow Infomercial

Watch The Dutch Glow Wood Polish Infomercial

buy dutch glow wood polishCrafty chemical companies have deceived us for generations. Once you start using their furniture polishes, you have to keep adding more and more layers just to create a false shine. The simple ingredients in Dutch Glow Wood Polish breakdown years of wax buildup, revealing your wood’s natural glow.

Turn an antique flea market find into a gold mine. Did you know most water rings are actually a discoloration in the wax buildup? Dutch Glow Wood Polish easily removes those embarrassing heat rings and water marks. Use Dutch Glow on wood tables, wood floors, cabinets and other wood finishes. Dutch Glow is not a typical furniture wax and instead of adding layers of wax like typical furniture wax it Dutch Glow Wood Polish easily cleans and removes wax. This product is perfect for anyone who sells furniture, owns wood furniture, restores furniture, or simply wants to keep their furniture clean.