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Dutch Glow Furniture Polish is committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us with the information provided below.

The standard delivery time for Dutch Glow™ is 4 to 6 weeks. If you have specific questions about the status of your order, please call our Customer Service line at 1-855-721-3351, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 10pm Eastern Time. Or, e-mail us at

53 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. You are charging me $30+ shipping on a $35 order? You are charging me $25.90 for the first order, $13.95 for the next, $10 to upgrade one bottle 8 oz and pretending it’s a different product version for wood floors?

    I would so prefer dealing with an up front company with impeccable marketing practices. If you really want to claim one size becomes a floor product, wouldn’t it be smart to include a cheap flat mop with microfiber washable pad?

    Probably my greatest doubts arise from your intentional use of the Amish people’s stereotypically assumed furniture building expertise. True, all young Amish men learn very solid and time honored methods of wood joinery and construction. Living in the midst of several Amish communities with whom I regularly do business and generally interact, I have discovered that there is no foundation for your claim to any Amish connection, recipe, or other verifiable relationship.

    For the shipping cost charged there is no valid reason why I should not have the products within 2 days via UPS or FEDEX air service.

    Finally you should know that Amishmen freely list ingredients of their publicly sold formulations on thewwebsite through which sold.

    Christine Stormer

    • yesterday I ordered Duch Glow and they didn’t give me a order number or any thing else. So I’m not sure if my order went through. I have called coustmer service and they keep telling me to call back .I would like to know if my order went through or not. If it didn’t I would still like to order it. So will you please let me know what to do. Thank you Debbie Ziegelmeir

    • Right on Christine! I have never seen a more obnoxious website. I said no to EVERY SINGLE offer, yet somehow my $10 order cost me $27. I now learn they say 4-6 weeks standard delivery. Outrageous!

  2. Three weeks ago I purchased online Buy One Get One for 10.00 + shipping and handling of Dutch Glow. I have not received them as of 2/20/14. Also I was charged twice at $29.50 totaling $59.00 to my bank account for my order. What’s up with this change. I did not authorize the second charge. Also, I received two phone calls from your representative trying to sell me another product which I repeated 4 or times the word NO. All I want is what I ordered. Buy One and Get One plus shipping and handling.
    Please respond ASAP and let me know what is happening.

    • Clarice, I just got the phone call thanking me and telling me about $100 gas credit if I bought something else. She said I should call customer service and gave me a number that does not work. Has anyone received this $10 product?

  3. I declined the offer for the Walmart card, magazines, value coupon thing over and over again and I’m not at all sure that I got through to the recorded message/automated ordering system that I do not want those things. I sincerely wish I could have spoken to a person instead of having to order this way. Please send me a response to verify that I will not be getting the $50 Walmart gift card etc.

  4. I just placed an order for the orginal order of buying one and and receiving the 2 nd bottle free. However, when I got to the final page for placing order, I had a bunch of items I did not order. Please cancel my order immediately and I will replace my order later. I will not accept the order now on file I will return and cancel my credit card for the items. Sorry about this but it is upsetting. I was not able to get a confirmation number or anything as I lost the page trying to go back. Please advise immediately either by email or phone 831-385-4238
    Thank you

  5. After being extremely frustrated @ not being able to easily change an order quantity due to your high shipping handling charges and the customer service person unable to assist me last night @ now not being able to get anyone because of the weekend, I am letting you know here that all I wish to do is reduce my quantity from 2 to 1 set of the Dutch glow . If unable to assist me this way, then please cancel my order altogether. Thank you

  6. I want to cancel my order immediately. I did not get a confirmation number, nor a order number, nor a total amount of this order. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS ORDER IMMEDIATELY.

    11:00 A.M., Saturday, February 22, 2014

  7. I placed an order 11461962. The total e-mailed was over $30. I was under the impression that it was $10 plus $7.95 for s&h. Please cancel this order. E-mail me confirming the cancelation.

  8. placed and order #11463246 on Sat Feb 22 at 1:00 pm My sub total was $25.90 but order total I do not understand this high price of $58.65, only wanted the first three items..Please correct and send
    me an email letting me know this is done.

  9. I placed an order this afternoon and wish to CANCEL immediately. I was never given a total, an order number and had no ability to confirm exactly what order total, etc. was going to be. This was one of the most frustrating ordering experiences I have ever had. I tried to call Customer Service immediately to cancel but was informed not open again until Monday. I would like confirmation that my order is cancelled and I will not be charged anything. Apparently I am not your only unhappy customer.

  10. I placed my order over 3 weeks ago and my number is 11376837 and realized I was being charged $23.85 for shipping and handling. Charging shipping and handling on each item is false advertisement and a bad practice. I am questioning my order of 3 items. My total was $62.70. Do not be surprised if I return.

  11. I placed an order today Sunday Feb. 213 and when I went to check out there were more items that I did not want. Your ordering system stinks so bad that I want my order canceled tomorrow. I would rather buy from a company that had system where I could remove things I did not want prior to finalizing my order. You also have no one to talk to on weekends in order to change an order. Had you had this I might have went ahead with my order. I want you to know that your system makes you appear just a little dishonest. I will be calling the folks I have my card with and telling them not to pay you. Also the 4 to 6 weeks is pretty bad customer service. Perhaps you should look for another dishonest type of work. I am really surprised that the Amish would be involved in something this lowdown.
    Sincerely, Rick Lezu

  12. I ordered your product on 1/31/14 I received an e- mail confirming my order as $ 45.75 I called the next day to cancel the order because I believed my order would be 10.00 plus 7.95 for s/h as advertised.The lady I spoke with said I had ordered other items which I explained to her I only wanted what was advertised as $ 10.00 plus $ 7.95 she said she would change the order and my total would be $17.95. On 1/20/14 my credit card was charged 45.75 . I called back tonight 2/24 /14 the person I spoke with offered me a 5.00 off and told me to give the items I did not order to a friend which is totally stupid . I have not received this order yet so I am refusing to except the order and notifying my credit card not to pay. I think you taking advantage of seniors . If I had read the reviews I would have never ordered your product.

  13. I order this product via web page. Answer to all questions with NO Extra products ! On the end billing shows charge for 2 bottles and 2 shipping charges. This company is not trustworthy. Do not purchase from them.

  14. I purchased your product on line. When the total for my purchase on order # 11526795 it indicated ty total being 73.65, although the sub total was 27.95. I attempted to cancel the order but ther was no option to do so. I never agreed to the total I am being charged and I wish to cancel this order and credit my card the amount of 73.65,
    I initiated a subsequent order of 27.90 under order number; 11526950. This is the only order I am allowing to be charged on my credit card.
    Please correct your order records.

  15. Ordered your product this morning, cust# 11524020. Like everyone else was charged for things I did not order. My order came to $105.60, are you a joke or what!!!! I want this order canceled now, telling credit card not to pay this and also think you will be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  16. Does anyone have anything positive to say about the product? These comments do confirm my suspision about doing business with companies when you don have any idea where they are doing business from. If this could be purchase through someone like AMAZON I might be interested

  17. I do not know that the order I made by phone today even went through. I really wished to have this item, but between the phone length of selling, selling, selling, and now the consistent speaking on this web site, it really pushed me away. Reading all the crazy charges you have used on people, sadly I think your not a great company! Please be certain that I cancel my order. Also, keep in mind that taking charge card information early the calls, ruins the want of people to have to listen for well over 13 minutes! So sad! And so ridiculous!

  18. on sunday i placed an order.the website said that my total was $27.90.i called on monday to check status of my order & gave them my order #.i was told that my order did not go through.i called again on wednesday 03/05 and placed the order again.i was then told that it would be $25.90.after reading other customers comments about the product,i wished that i had never placed the first order.i was also told that it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

  19. Although I would have tried your product, your marketing is SO repulsive that I will never buy your product. From the reviews it looks like your marketing is not the only poor quality in your company. What a shame you are aren’t a better company. Looks like a good product and you are shooting yourself in the foot. Congratulations on being so dumb!

  20. I ordered Dutch Glow Furniture Polish, but I want to cancel the order. I paid for it by AMEX.
    The recording just kept going on and on about other products, and I didn’t get a confirmation number. The recording was too long with other products to order. It doesn’t give a person a chance to ask for customer service. I will notify AMEX of the cancellation.

  21. I placed an order on Saturday, March 8th for only the Dutch Glow Amish wood milk, buy 1 for $10 and get 1 free with shipping and handling. I do not want any additional products! I do not want an additional dutch glow for $17.95 with extra shipping of $7.95, ONLY 1 SET, I also do not want 2 discounted dutch low amish milk “free towels” for $17.95, nor do I want 2 discounted bonus dutch glow amish wood milk for $11.90 or 1 dutch glow microfiber application mitt for $10.90.

  22. I ordered Dutch Glow for $10.00 and a free bottle plus shipping and handling. Your website did not offer the opportunity to review the order before placing. As a result, my confirmation total was $58.44, which is outrageous. Kindly cancel my order, Order #11599573, as I will not accept delivery and dispute the charge with my credit card company

  23. I received your product and then the bill. Not impressed with either. i would like to return for a FULL refund as your ad is very deceptive. I will contact my bank, but would prefer that you just credit my account for this outrageous bill!

  24. I really wish I had seen the complaints people have listed on this website and I would never have gotten involved with your company. I placed my order by telephone and was not told how much the order would be in total. I was completely flabbergasted when I received a box that was about 12″ x 9″ x 9″ and the shipping cost was 27.80. The box could have been at least half the size and the cost in shipping was less than reasonable. Not to mention the hard sell for products I did not want. I know it does not make any difference how good this product is I will never order anything from this company again and will keep a close watch on my credit card to make sure there are no additional charges. SHAME ON YOUR ORDERING SYSTEM AND THE LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. What a sad state of affairs for a company with,what looks like, a good product.
    Poor,stupid tactic for a company to resort to.
    When placing an order for just one bottle I finally got a human order taker, after the automated order taker wouldn’t even give me info until I put my credit card number in.
    When I explained I only wanted the offer that was made on TV-I didn’t want to pay an additional S & H fee for another bottle and cloth the human said I would have to call back and talk to Customer Service.
    What a SCAM!!
    One bottle is $10.00 +S & H=$17.95 but YOU CAN’T BUY IT!!
    with an added $7.95 for “S & H”=$25.90
    I said No Thank You-and should too.

  26. I wish that I read the reviews prior to purchasing this product. This is truly false advertisement, $10 dollars for buying 1 and get 1 free is not what you get when you purchase the product. I bought 2 bottles of the product and it cost me $58.00. I tried to contact the customer service line, which stays busy, and you will never talk to anyone. Buyers beware!!!!!!!!! I am disappointed.

  27. I was attempting to order 1 bottle of Dutch Glow on line and it automatically gave me 2 bottles and charged another $10.00 for shipping. I only wanted 1 bottle with total price of $17.95 (10.00 for product and 7.95 for shipping). Therefore I exited out and never hit submit for my order. Two days later I get a pending on my checking account that you placed this order without my permission. What is up with that?

  28. I did not finish placing my order for your product which you advertised as $10.00 but now I see a charge of $65.60 on my account. I want you to immediately cancel this order and remove the charges from my account.

  29. I want to cancel my order , after reading the feedback on your site, I am no longer interested and I will inform my bank to decline payment ,as I want to CANCEL this ORDER for 1 ( ONE ) ONLY bottle . DO NOT SHIP, DO NOT CHARGE MY CARD ,AS I WILL REPORT YOU AND WILL INFORM BBB IF YOU DO . DO NOT PROCESS ORDER .
    Magda Pampallona

  30. I tried to order your product by phone. After your salespitch tried to sell me many e items I decided I didn’t want anything. The order was never finished so p[lease do not send ANY of your products. I have instructed my bank to not approve any payments to you. If I would have went on-line and seen the complete customer dissatifaction I would never have called. I am also considering calling the Better Business Bureau as well as the consumer products division of the state attorney generals office.

  31. I am very sorry I ever picked up the phone to order Dutch Glow Amish Milk Glow. I was so frustrated when I had to sit thru minutes and minutes of mindless offers. Then, when my card was charged, it was not for 17.95 that I was led to believe, but for 25.90 because of an “automatic” second order for the product. HOW MISLEADING CAN YOUR COMPANY BE????? I am now concerned that additional charges may result because I had to repeatedly say “YES” to confirm that I had said “NO” in order to get thru the mindless offers mentioned before. I will NEVER order from your company again. I had better receive a product worthy of your advertisement or YOU WILL REFUND MY MONEY AND I WILL RETURN THE PRODUCT TO YOU. I plan to contact the better business bureau regarding your shoddy business practices. I imagine I won’t be the first.
    Dianne Cregger

  32. Please cancel my order that was made on
    3 /30/2014. I do not wish to receive this product due to long speech I received after placing this order, I will call Monday to be sure that it is canceled. If not, I will contact my bank and the BBB.

  33. I placed an order that came to over $70.00. I did not want that so I went back to the home page thinking that the first order would not go through, but it did. I do not have the order #. I then placed an order for $42.75. This is all I want. Please correct this or I will be notifying my credit card company. Let me know if you have received this message

  34. On March 30th I placed a order on your website. I would like the order canceled. I only wanted what was offered. When I got to the confirmation page I see that I am being charged for item that I did nOT agree to. this is just awful. very misleading to say the least. My confirmation # is 11764248 in the amount of $58.17.I will be calling my bank first thing in the morning. Once again PLEASE CANCEL MY ORDER AND DO NOT CHARGE MY CARD.

  35. My order number is 11771606 placed today 3/31/2014. After place this order your telling me delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. We are at our winter location and will be leaving here in three weeks. Your charging $15.90 for a small order. If it cannot be delivered in three weeks please cancel this order. I order merchandise on-line frequently and have never had to wait 5-6 weeks for delivery.

  36. I pulled up your web site t check on my order. However after reading the comments I want to cancel my order before it is shipped. Based on the comments above you are misleading the public about your products and making an untrue statement that these products are used by the Amish.
    Please cancel my order and refund the $35.00 to my Credit card.

    My order # 11375789

    I will return the package unopened if you chose to ship. So cancel my order and go scam someone else.

    Matthew Lashley

  37. What a disgrace this company is! Totally unprofessional; unethical…..and maddening as hell to deal with! We placed an order two days ago, via that God awful,long winded automated wench….& spent the better part of ten plus minutes listening to her try to foist additional products & supplies on us that we do not need, and do NOT WANT! And precisely like the other people who have left comments on this website, we did not get an order total or a confirmation number…..and four or five phone calls placed to Customer Service, we STILL DON’T KNOW! In our opinion, all T.V. stations promoting this product should drop them immediately, because it appears that they are catering to a major case of FALSE ADVERISTEMENT & Disgusting business practices by this sleezy company!!!

  38. Please cancel my order#11864553 immediately. I only wanted to order the special of “Buy1Get1″ offered on TV. My order ended up being $95.45. I will contact my credit card to be sure the order is not paid for. Your order site is terrible. I would really like to try the product but feel you have the order site set-up to make it difficult to order just the one product.

  39. its been over 2 months that I placed may order # 11610473…. can you please tel me what is going on ?,,,where are the products I ordererd…?

    On April 16, 2014 at approx. 11:00 a.m., I called 1-800-768-3790 to place an order. My order was for the original first purchase price of $10.00 plus $7.95 S&H (ridiculous S&H price!) with cloths and also ordered an extra bottle for $7.95 to include another cloth. That total should be $25.90 for original order and $7.95 for extra bottle. The computer representative kept going on and on and on about other orders and I kept repeating myself NO, do not wish any other offers. Somehow she (computer) came up with an added order, and I tried to ask for a representative or supervisor to cancel anything extra, but this didn’t happen. So I was given the umber 1-855-721-3351 for customer service. Called that number immediately and her name was Becky — was extremely rude; told me to go to the website and hung up on me. She did not even allow me to explain my simple question. This representative should be fired! Because if this is how customers are treated, you shouldn’t be in business.

    So I am writing to let you know I DID NOT order anything except the original order plus the extra order for $7.95…that’s ALL!! If anything else is in my order, I will refuse to pay and have my credit card company investigate the extra cost. I was not given a reference #; nor a member #; nor a confirmation #! How do I identify my order of today to make sure I only receive what I ordered. Speaking to a computer -vs- a person is frustrating enough, but when I did call Customer Service, Becky, she was rude, impolite, and a hang up without even saying Good-Bye!

    I will wait a day to hear back from you — then I will call Customer Service # again, ad cancel the entire order. I refuse to deal with companies that treat customers like I was treated today!
    And I certainly will not recommend your company to anyone…ever. Please reply to this email ASAP (today, if possible) so that I can cancel my order before it is shipped. If I don’t hear back, I will not even open package and return immediately.

    Thank you for your prompt response and hope you can clear this matter up.

    Sincerely yours,
    Maria A. Black
    275 John Knox Road
    Apt. MM-204
    Tallahassee, FL 32303-6697
    850-386-5371 home

  41. Wow! I just called to place an order this morning. An automated voice kept rambling on for a very long time; did I want this product? Did I want THAT PRODUCT? All if wanted was the dutch glow furniture polish as is advertised on TV. I have never been so disappointed in placing an order in my life. I do hope I receive the one and only product I was ordering. And if my charge on my credit card is more than $27.90 there will be a call to my card company to erase all charges and the product will be returned ASAP. I was NOT interested in magazines, gift certificates from Walmart, refund of $20.00 or whatever was offered as come on to keep sending them money every month for something I didn’t want in the first place. Was told product would be shipped in 4-6 weeks, and when I called customer service to see if my order was actually in process, was told it would being shipped and I will have it within a week…. We will see… if I receive only what I ordered and nothing else… I will sent another message saying ‘thank you’ If not…… will never hear from me again except the noise involved as the package is shipped back.

  42. They billed us on 4-14-2014 and no product has arrived. The cost is high for a small amount of
    product. If I do not receive this high priced product by the end of the week – I will be calling
    att’y général, BBB, and consumer protection. The cost is very high – shipping is high – delivery
    takes a long time. RICHARD JENSEN

  43. I tried to purchase one bottle of your product with a free bottle for just the price of shipping and handling which should have come to a total of less than $30.00 but you indicate a charge of over $70.00 this is just theft! I no longer want the item and want it cancelled. I will call the credit card company immediately and advise them to disallow any charges to Dutch Glo.

  44. This company appears to be a total fraud. I thought my order was to come to less than $30.00 but it shows that I would be charged over $73.00. Why anyone would want to do business with your company is very questionable. TV stations who show your commercials evidently do not check before they allow such garbage to be televised. I will be cancelling the charge via my credit card provider.

  45. I just placed an order for 1 bottle of dutch glow polish, then added a bottle of cleaner for my counter tops. When I finished my order, it showed the total to be $38.80. I had already given my debit card number & could not cancel it! That is too much to pay. Please cancel order. If you do not cancel the order, I will go thru my bank to stop it!

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